aapjeshorenzienenzwijgen5edThere was bad news for Lotus today as Lotus declared that only Lotus could use the Lotus name and that Lotus would be taking steps to prevent Lotus from calling itself Lotus.

‘Lotus is not going to let Lotus trade off the Lotus name that Lotus has built up,’ said Lotus spokesman Alan Lotus. ‘Lotus had an agreement with Lotus but Lotus has not honoured the terms of the Lotus agreement,’ Lotus continued. ‘For that reason Lotus shall no longer be permitting Lotus to use the Lotus-registered Lotus name of Lotus.’

Lotus was quick to respond to Lotus’s action, claiming that Lotus had agreed with Lotus, the division of Lotus that has rights to the Lotus name, and that Lotus could not prevent Lotus from using Lotus unless Lotus expressly said this to Lotus.

‘Lotus will take every step to prevent Lotus from removing the Lotus name from Lotus,’ said Christopher Lotus, spokesman for Lotus-appointed solicitors, Lotus, Lotus & Lotus. ‘Let me assure you that Lotus is not going to simply refrain from calling itself Lotus just because Lotus says so. That would be Lotus… sorry, I mean, ridiculous.’