Lotus Europa by Indries Noah Lotus Europa by Indries Noah Lotus Europa by Indries Noah

Idries Noah heeft het niet kunnen laten en een nieuw ontwerp getekend voor de Lotus Europa i6 2010. Het is niet waarschijnlijk dat Lotus het ontwerp overneemt, maar een andere Lotus Europa design kan geen kwaad.

(from Idries Noah)  I really liked the old classic Europa with the high rear section. It had character.  The latest version looks very similar to the Elise/ Exige, not quite Europa. I decided to give it my own take.  Inspired by classic Lotus cars, Europa and Elite. Also taking some current Lotus trends into consideration. It's called the 2010 Europa i6.

It's a mid engined rear wheel drive car. Engine would be a 2.0L inline 6. Supercharger and intercooler. weight- 2030 lbs. top speed- 165 mph.  0-100 in 7 seconds is the aim.

More of the designer's work can be viewed at his website.